Study Shows Adventure Trips Enhance Confidence and Reduces Stress

Icelandair, Iceland’s flagship airline offering transatlantic flights, has conducted a study exploring an exciting new trend among

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Icelandair, Iceland’s flagship airline offering transatlantic flights, has conducted a study exploring an exciting new trend among UK holidaymakers. The research reveals that nearly half of Brits now prefer holidays that include outdoor pursuits and adventurous activities. But why is this trend on the rise? 

The survey, involving 2,000 UK holidaymakers, delves into the reasons behind this growing appetite for thrilling travel experiences and uncovers the mental and physical benefits of adventurous pursuits. 

43% of UK travellers favour holidays with outdoor pursuits and adventure activities

2 in 5 UK holidaymakers prioritise adventure and outdoor activities when planning their trips, showing a significant shift towards adventure travel.

Breaking down the data further, 25% of UK travellers favour holiday itineraries that balance relaxation with moderate to extreme activities, while almost 1 in 5 (18%) prefer more high-octane getaways that centre around outdoor activities like wild swimming and scuba diving.

2 in 5 of UK travellers say adventure travel makes them more confident

To understand the reasons behind these growing holiday trends, Icelandair asked holidaymakers what they believed to be the benefits behind their thrill-seeking abroad. 

According to the survey, greater confidence is the biggest benefit of taking part in adventure activities while on holiday (43%). Next is a sense of accomplishment (42%), followed by overall improved mental health (35%).

Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the aurora borealis. And with their unique natural landscapes really add something to the foreground.

The survey also found that over a quarter of UK participants (27%) said that engaging in adventure activities abroad allowed them to challenge how they see themselves, and 26%disclosed that they feel less stressed.

UK women found outdoor and adventure activities particularly beneficial for their mental health.

Given that 59% of women and 40% of men prioritise self-care and well-being in their day-to-day lives, the mental and physical health benefits of outdoor activities make adventure holidays ideal for wellness-minded travellers. 

Doctor reveals the health benefits of adventure travel. 

We spoke to a leading mental health expert, Dr Deborah Lee,  who has revealed why adventure travel is so important for mental health and physical well-being. 

There’s no doubt that holidays have both physical and mental health benefits. Many studies have shown that being away from it all, getting rid of stress and being able to relax, lowers blood pressure and improves cardiac function. But an adventure holiday will definitely have additional physical and mental health benefits. 

The more active the adventure, the better the physical benefits from weight loss to increased oxygen in the bloodstream. However, just being outdoors is known to lower your heart rate and blood pressure showing how impactful the natural world can be. 

With regard to your mental health, the hectic pace of modern life is responsible for much of the huge stress we all face today. Even though going on an adventure holiday can come with its own stress, this ‘controlled stress’ can be hugely beneficial to your mental state.  Mastering a new skill, whether it be rock climbing or rafting, and overcoming the physical boundaries you set yourself in daily life comes with an immense sense of achievement, making it no surprise that adventure holidays are boosting Brit’s confidence.

Being at one with nature and at one with your body is a great way to feel stimulated and disconnected from the fast-paced world of modern life and improve mindfulness

When visiting countries renowned for their outdoors, like Iceland, there will be no end to the different adventure activities on offer – Snowmobiling, ice climbing, glacier hiking and skiing – are all on the list! And when you’ve mastered the challenge, why not have an outdoor soak in one of Iceland’s geothermal pools to relieve tension from the body and mind.”