Jack’s Flight Club Unveils How to Explore 30 Cities in 55 Days, Using Just 25 Days’ of Leave

Jack’s Flight Club Unveils How to Explore 30 Cities in 55 Days, Using Just 25 Days’ of

Jack’s Flight Club Unveils How to Explore 30 Cities in 55 Days, Using Just 25 Days’ of Leave


  • By combining 25 days of annual leave with UK bank holidays, you can enjoy up to 55 days off work this year, with the longest stretch being 16 consecutive days off.
  • Jack’s Flight Club has curated potential trips and flight deals, including a mix of airfare and train journeys so Brits can get the most out of their annual leave, visiting 30 cities in seven different countries.
  • The total estimated travel cost of £1,350 (as of 31/01), includes return flights to various European locations and New York, as well as all internal train fares to each destination.
  • The trips span across key dates in the UK, starting with the Easter bank holiday in late March, the early May bank holiday, both summer bank holidays in August, and during the Christmas to New Year period.
  • You can see Jack’s Flight Club’s full itinerary breakdown, including each city travellers will have the chance to visit here: https://jacksflightclub.com/travel-hub/hack-your-bank-holidays-to-visit-30-cities-in-2024


The flight finders at Jack’s Flight Club have found the best way to use Brits annual leave in 2024, using the standard 25 days off that most workers receive to visit 30 cities in 55 days.


By strategically using 25 days of annual leave in conjunction with bank holidays, Jack’s Flight Club has laid out which dates to take off to enjoy 55 days off this year, including an opportunity for a 16-day consecutive holiday.


The team of flight finders has then created itineraries for five trips you can take that will take travellers to 30 cities across seven different countries using a mix of trains and flights. Highlights include touring the east coast of America by train and experiencing Lake Geneva at Christmas.


Here is the full breakdown:

Jack’s Flight Club’s Holiday Hack
Dates Total Time Off Total Days Taken Off Dates to take off work Number of cities  Cities visited 
Mar 23 – Apr 7 16 days 8 days Mar 25 – 28 &

Apr 2 – 5

11 Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Luxembourg, Frankfurt
May 4 – May 12  9 days 4 days May 7 – 10 4 New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC
Aug 2 – Aug 11  9 days 4 days Aug 6 – 9 5 Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Pisa
Aug 24 – Sept 1 9 days 4 days Aug 27 – 30 5 Marseilles, Toulon, Cannes, Nice, Monaco
Dec 21 – Jan 1 (or Jan 2*) 12 days or 13 days* 5 days Dec 23 – 24, 27,

30 – 31

5 Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg, Bern, Neuchatel
TOTAL: 55 days or 56 days* 25 days 30 cities
*those in Scotland don’t have to take additional leave but will get 13 days off with this hack as January 2 is a bank holiday


The first trip Brits could take this year with minimal time off is over the Easter holiday period, using only eight days of annual leave for a 16-day, non-stop tour of 11 cities across northwest Europe. While some stops are brief, strategic planning with taking early trains and a focus on major cities will ensure travellers can make the most of each destination they visit.


Over the May and August bank holidays, travellers will only have to book four days off for each trip in exchange for nine-day holidays to the US, Italy and France. The Christmas period requires taking five days of leave for a 12-day holiday to Switzerland – although those in Scotland can enjoy an extra day of rest as they have an additional bank holiday to the rest of the UK on January 2nd.


The total estimated cost of this year-long city hopping endeavour is £1,350, including return flights to all locations in both the US and over Europe, as well as each train fare between the cities you’ll visit along the way.


Katy Maclure, the editor of The Detour, a weekly newsletter from Jack’s Flight Club, comments: “Many people tend to feel restricted by the amount of time they are able to take off from work. Choosing the right days to book off on annual leave can feel stressful to some, with people putting pressure on themselves to make the most of their time off.


“We understand the value of a good holiday and believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel more during their precious annual leave.”


For a detailed itinerary of each trip – from a whirlwind trip around western Europe to a US east-coast holiday – travel to Jack’s Flight Club’s website: https://jacksflightclub.com/travel-hub/hack-your-bank-holidays-to-visit-30-cities-in-2024