Explore the Douro Region with Ryanair’s New Belfast to Porto Route: Your Gateway to Luxury at Octant Lousã and Octant Douro

Ryanair has updated its flight path with a new regular flight from Belfast to Porto. Starting at

Ryanair has updated its flight path with a new regular flight from Belfast to Porto. Starting at just £40 return, holidaymakers can now visit the stunning country of Portugal in just 2.30 hours.

With flights available every Wednesday, Sunday, and occasionally on Fridays and Mondays, this new route makes exploring Portugal’s hidden gems more accessible than ever.


When in Portugal, there is a feast of hotels to choose from

Octant Lousã: A Haven of History and Tranquillity

Located just 1.46 hours from Porto Airport, Octant Lousã offers an immersive escape into the heart of the Portuguese countryside. This meticulously curated retreat invites guests to explore the region’s rich history and natural beauty. With just 30 rooms, an in-house spa, traditional Portuguese cuisine and nearby hiking trails offer panoramic views of castles, villages, and waterfalls, Octant Lousã appeals to both thrill-seekers and those seeking tranquility.

Octant Lousã Hotel

Octant Douro: A Modern Retreat in the Heart of Nature


Just 51 minutes from Porto Airport, Octant Douro is a contemporary, design-led property in the UNESCO-protected Douro Valley. With minimalist interiors, terraced vineyards, and panoramic views of the Douro River, this hotel offers a serene and elegant escape. Guests can indulge in locally sourced spa treatments, enjoy Michelin-starred cuisine, and relax in the heated indoor pool.

With Ryanair’s new Belfast to Porto flight route, discovering the luxurious escapes of Octant Lousã and Octant Douro has never been more accessible. Book your flight and experience the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and elegance in Portugal’s enchanting Douro region.


Collection of eight hotels located across Portugal in the Algarve, Alentejo, Azores, Lousã and Castelo de Paiva

new breed of well-crafted hotels providing informal, luxurious and sustainable stays based on an authentic connection to their unique locations and people

A new hotel brand, Octant Hotels, has launched in Portugal. Comprising eight boutique, design-led properties scattered throughout the country, each hotel offers an entirely unique proposition whilst remaining committed to the brand’s ethos of localism and freedom. The promise of a stay at an Octant Hotel is an authentic luxury Portuguese escape – the ability to form genuine connections to the locality and surrounding communities through food, wine and experiences whilst residing in chic, contemporary surroundings and embracing warm hospitality.

Discovery Hotel Management CEO, Luís Mexia Alves comments, “The new Octant brand groups our design hotels into a premium segment in terms of look, feel and service, we do everything to meet the needs of the new generation of tourists emerging globally who seek out authentic, laidback yet luxurious experiences. With Octant, we hope to connect our guests to the places where each of the hotels is located through warm hospitality, food and wine and unique experiences in an authentic way. We’re thrilled to have finally launched it, especially at such a pivotal time in the recovery of the Portuguese tourism market.”

The launch of the new brand means that the following hotels;

Douro41 Hotel & Spa, Palacio do Lousã Boutique Hotel, Évora Farm Hotel, Santiago Cooking & Nature, Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, Vila Monte Farm House, Azor Hotel and Furnas Boutique Hotel will become Octant Douro, Octant Lousã, Octant Évora, Octant Santiago, Octant Praia Verde, Octant Vila Monte, Octant Ponta Delgada and Octant Furnas respectively.

With this change comes the ability to deliver a unified approach to service and experiences, allowing the new brand to showcase the very best of Portuguese hospitality and highlight the country’s varied regions, cultures, and landscapes.

Octant Douro

Hero components of the new brand include the ability to utilise all of the hotel’s facilities at all hours and enjoy breakfast at any time of the day.
This, coupled with the launch of an entirely new series of luxury hotel-specific experiences, will ensure tranquillity, relaxation, and exploration go hand-in-hand when staying at an Octant Hotel. Menus at each hotel are entirely unique to the region, featuring local delicacies and specialities as well as regional wine varieties from hero producers. Each hotel’s design is sympathetic to the local landscape and cultural heritage. Experiences have been developed to see the very best on the hotel’s doorstep – whether it be a pottery session with a local artisan, olive oil tasting with a local producer, or cooking with a local culinary hero – each experience provides a true immersion into life in the region. Currently, there are more than 200 local suppliers featuring across the Octant Hotels, and the goal is to reach over 400 within the next year.

The launch of Octant Hotels is part of Discovery Hotel Management’s commitment to evolution and regeneration. Over the past ten years, the business has reimagined, created, developed and designed new experiences at locations that were previously in administration, breathing life into local economies and employing over 1,300 staff. Currently, the company comprises of 18 hotels and now a new brand, Octant Hotels, which encompasses eight properties within the group.

Nightly rates at an Octant Hotel start from £250 on a bed and breakfast basis, although due to the hotels’ unique nature, prices vary.

Please visit www.octanthotels.com for further information or @octant.hotels.